Road, traffic & lane


Priess Steel A/S / Damgaard Metal produces road portals and suspension equipment for suspension of road signs on the Danish road network.

Road portals are typically used for mounting road signs over the carriageway area. We manufacture road portals either of round steel in lattice structures, RHS profiles or similar materials.

Road portals and equipment are manufactured and hot-dip galvanized according to the Road Directorate’s road rules for the design of blackboard portals.

Need help?

If you have special wishes for the design or use of grid columns, we are of course available.

You can contact us here.

Waiting rooms

In collaboration with DSB (The Danish State Railways) and PUBLIC ARCHITECTS, we have developed a flexible and modular waiting room.

The waiting room is primarily used on runway platforms as a waiting room for travelers. But they can also be used for other purposes.

Contact us here for further information.

Waiting room in several variants

You can get the waiting room in 2 kinds of models.

  1. Waiting room closed: Built like a closed room with glass door in each end panel.
  2. Waiting room open / reading screen: Built as a guard with a long side open.

All models are available with and without cover as a shield for storms and sun.


The base of the waiting room is made up of 6 mm metalized plate which is bolted to the supporting corner columns.

Subsequently, the base is painted in RAL color of your choice.

The sides

The sides of the waiting room are made up of angular iron frames in 900mm modules, in which hardened glass or stretch metal can be mounted according to the risk of vandalism.

The pages are then painted in the desired RAL color.

Doors are manufactured in tempered glass with door pump and stainless steel handles.


Exterior: aluminum zinc plate, which is painted. Integrated with gutters and downpipes in the corner columns.
Inside: Aluminum ceiling panels are painted in the desired RAL color with integrated lighting and power connectors. Info screen can be integrated on request.


In the waiting room there are integrated benches and trash cans. These are built on site via foundation columns.

We then add a tile floor or other type of flooring of your choice.


The waiting room can be assembled on site or at our factory in Vinderrup, after which the waiting room is subsequently lifted into place.

We can handle the entire installation of the waiting room. Contact us here for further information.


There is a new variant of waiting rooms under development where solar cells are integrated on the roof.

The solar cell system on the roof ensures that the interior lighting in the waiting room can be operated by the system. Thus, the waiting room can also be installed in inaccessible places where there is currently no power supply.

We can supply the solar cell waiting room on request. Contact us here.

Road columns

Over the years we have supplied thousands of overhead line columns and fittings to Banedanmark manufactured in RHS / TPS profiles as well as in corten steel.

For lighting in track areas, we have also supplied several columns made in RHS / TPS profiles as well as produced lattice structures for wire suspended lighting.