Sunset Boulevard

Covered Lattice Tower for Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard has a restaurant at the freeway exit 58 Hedensted in Denmark. When arriving from the north, the restaurant can be overlooked in passing, therefore Sunset Boulevard wanted to install a 28- meter high column thus their logo can be seen from the freeway.

Priess Steel A/S has been in charge of the entire task, i.e. designing the column and the foundation, production and assembly as well as project management.

Several design presentations were developed. The choice fell on a square lattice tower solution. The 28-meter high lattice construction has been designed to carry five signs which measure 4×4 meters. The lattice tower is covered with painted steel plates. Therefore the lattice structure is not visible.

The project was a complete success for Sunset Boulevard as the turnover has increased by 25% since completion of the project.



  • 1x 28-meter high lattice tower covered with coated steel plates designed to carry 5 signs on two sides.

Installation adress:

Freeway exit 58 Hedensted


  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Hedensted Municipality
  • Skjern Signs
  • Bricklayers and contracting firm Ole Ibsen A/S
  • KPR Consult A/S